Lisa Loucks Christenson's next documentary:

Like many of my documentaries, this will be an ongoing project, a collection of images I shoot through the seasons until I feel the project has enough images that express what I'm hoping to share with my readers.

11/24/16: Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for all the blessings in my life, the gift to communicate through words, pictures, and a microphone. Especially, I'm thankful for Jesus in my life, my faith, family, friends and those I meet on my journey, like 'anonymous' who sold me the domain/site.

Why 4 AM Photography?

I came across a Website by a very skilled photographer who was shooting images of the sunrise at 4AM, and 'anonymous' was selling the domain/site. I bought the domain because the work inspired me, though 'anonymous' wishes to remain unknown, there is no denying in that brief time we spent changing domain details, small conversations, that I was given both a gift and responsibility to carry on what 'anonymous' started. I'm forever grateful. 

Our sunrises, here in southeast Minnesota, don't happen until a little later in the morning, but to those who have never been outdoors at 4 AM, or those who have and can relate, there is something magical in those precious dark minutes before the sunrise, the moments leading up to the morning, the time of the day the light of the moon meets with the last moments of the night.  The photos will be shot at 4 AM on my outdoor wildlife beat in southeast Minnesota, or where ever I may be at 4 AM, on any given day, in any place.

Project Experience:

During the past 40+ years I've been shooting moonlight, nightscapes, where I am actually capturing and borrowing the light of the moon and using it to illuminate the dark skies below; using the light of the moon to put light where no light exists on a subject. It's a technique I developed over many failed attempts, but with practice, have shot enough images to create an art book on these images. 

Now, with the thoughts of combining the darkest moments of the night with the 4 AM hour, I'm creating a new documentary: 4 AM Photography.

I hope you'll follow my documentary as it progresses. As always, thank you for your support of my projects, emails, and kind notes.

See you on the journey! -- Lisa 

Lisa's documentaries are published through White Wolf Creek, her private publishing company. 

Walk the Burn: My Journey through Seven Seasons 

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   Winter Bugs: 10 Year Anniversary Edition   by Lisa Loucks Christenson
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Winter Bugs by #1 Bestselling Author Lisa Loucks Christenson features a collection of over 200+ photo images of insects, beetles, spiders in various stages of their lives, both land and aquatic, documented in their native Minnesota habitat during the winter. 

The insects and spiders were photographed in their natural environment as found by Lisa Loucks Christenson. This documentary is a mini documentary Christenson worked as a mini story inside her Walk The Burn documentary, in the Whitewater Management Area during the winter of 2005 to the start of spring, March 20, 2006. This new 10 Year Anniversary Edition includes highlights from Christenson's exhibits, common species names, updates from the author, and more.


4 AM Photography is a new documentary by Lisa Loucks Christenson

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