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Sunrise Photos: is host to early morning photographs. Between the hours of 4am and 7am are the best times to capture the early morning wildlife, sunrises, and water views of the new day.

Depending on the light and time of year the most amazing photography can be done before most people are even out of bed. I have a passion for early morning photography and hope to share with others who share the same passion or just love to look at our lovely creation at first light.

The animals are getting busy with their day and nature comes to life. Often times there is so much going on in the morning it is hard to stay focused when taking photos, birds are starting to chirp away and animals are darting here and there, so much to see, so many opportunities to get the perfect photo.

Do yourself a favor, set the alarm clock! this truly is the best time of day to get out and about and take some awesome photographs.

Take a look around at the photos, browse the gallery where I have uploaded many more early morning photos, some nice sunrise photos, lake and beach photos. The photography is freely available and you are welcome to use them as you choose and even link to this web site, you have my full permission.

For those who are unfamiliar with photography in general I have taken liberty to include some information regarding Focus, Aperture, Shutter speed, White balance, Metering, ISO and Auto focus point. These functions are very important to know when working in low light situations such as early mornings when the sun is low or not even up at all yet.

See here for a full definition of these terms.

Sunrise/ Sunset Photo Shoot Tips

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